A wonderful week website comments do stand to learn by analogy two

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primary school, the teacher taught us to learn "analogy", especially from the website webmaster, do stand in the process of learning from others, to avoid detours. A5 forum bbs.admin5.com Daily website comment is such a window, the site from others comments, absorb helpful suggestions for their improvement, and later in the process of doing stand, the site is getting better.

This paper summarizes the

A5 last week in essence daily web comments, we can learn from the next.

October 12th website review

review site: Taixing recruitment network www.taixingzp.com

website description: the website was formally launched in November 08. The current traffic is 4000IP per day, local talent station. The website is a company operation at present, have sale team, have before sale, after sale service, profit condition is good. Operation mode is customer service call, salesman line run enterprise, customer service will be running each enterprise to pay a return visit, ask how service attitude. In the latter part of the website, a talent pool will be set up for individual job seekers to be trained, and the well-known enterprises will be invited to conduct lectures. The main content of the training is the specific requirements of the position and the skills of interview. Our goal is to make Taixing recruitment network to become the most authoritative and professional recruitment platform in Taixing.

problem: now Baidu only included the home page snapshot is normal, a month is the situation, also please advice, not very grateful! The website is now gradually does not rely on Baidu, a fixed customer line, have also done a lot of promotion. Just don’t understand why Baidu will drop right, only included home page.

best comment by: home recipes Daquan, www.caipubaike.com webmaster provides comment

1, site details. I looked at the site code, somehow, www.taixingzp.com will appear www.yzjob.net code estimation is the application of the Yangtze talent network source program to modify? No special look at this code, the proposal must use it to your own website or the effect will be better. The relevant code is as follows:


2, including the home page problems. Take a look at the content page, the source code table nested too much (up to 6 layers), it is recommended to optimize the source code, reduce the number of nested layers, to no more than 3 layers as well.

3 and Title tags. The current label is too long, but there is duplication of suspicion and outstanding focus, it is proposed to amend: Taixing professional recruitment website – Taixing recruitment network. Concise, prominent, more atmospheric.

4, publicity and promotion. Not relying on search engines is a better model, much more connected with the talent market (but most talent centers are now estimated to have their own websites)