How does the website win 80 hind and 90 hind sale strategy

China "80" "90" and the crowd is bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening, along with the globalization and the growth of the Internet wave new-new generation, a new way of thinking, values and life concept and consumption patterns, is the future of the mainstream of society and consumer market leader. Website to win this group, need to study their consumption characteristics, take the new road marketing strategy.

new media marketing

80 and 90 living in the Internet age, born close to the network, is very familiar with the new media with network, strong dependence, are keen on online shopping; network is their main entertainment and communication tools, is the most important and the most convenient information source, or the smartest and most professional the consumer platform, we often discuss the consumer direction in the group, the exchange and shopping experience, the vast amounts of information using the Internet to provide the service for the purchase decision; they are also a relatively sensitive population, consumption patterns easily influenced by others, new media marketing is conducive to the spread of commodity information, stimulate their purchasing behavior.

website using the Internet and other new media to carry out marketing activities, we should make good use of new media interactive communication to enhance brand awareness and reputation, make full use of a variety of professional websites, personal websites, online games, BBS, MSN, blog, QQ group, SMS platform, audio and video based animation spread to more commodity information. Play the spokesperson of the influence and important reference group appeal guide "80" "90" consumer, but also pay attention to the cultivation of 80 and 90 own opinion leaders, the mutual influence of information exchange between them through word-of-mouth and viral marketing effect and peers, rapid replication and dissemination of marketing information excited, buying behavior. As Nike designed a computer game, the participants in the game and Diego Jordan play basketball together, so that the Nike brand image in the subtle deeply implanted hearts of young consumers. The Chery QQ, which is based on "the young man’s first car", skillfully combines the styling concept of cars with the QQ, a popular online chat tool for young people.

experiential marketing

80 and 90 consumption concept innovation, bold advance, advocating new consumption, love to try new things, the ability to accept new things is also very strong, the non event of intense interest in life, has the experience of psychological craving; they have set up their own financial management concepts, in the process of direct consumption consumption, strong ability to control, not blindly, do not blindly follow the trend of buying, on trial, DIY experiential marketing activities are interested, willing to go to try and experience consumption; they choose a product or brand is not the criterion based on the "good" or "bad" the rational cognition, but also because of "love" or "not love" attitude of sentimental feelings, pay attention to the process of consumption experience and feelings, experience emphasizes the use of the product.