A bit of doubt about the original content of the site

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website, can see a familiar term " everywhere; original ", said the original search engine can attract ah, can attract webmaster. Reprint a while ago seen reports, American media to put pressure on Google, require changes to PR algorithm, improve the original content in the search engine rankings. Including the "New York Times", "time", "Wall Street daily" and other media. Several companies in the meeting with GOOGLE executives put forward, their original content of great value, requiring GOOGLE priority ranking. In other words, GOOGLE rankings should give priority to the source of the original article.

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GOOGLE responded by saying, "first of all, the value of the original article, but it also means" "there will be some problems in actual operation."". Thus I think of some of our domestic site practices, reprinted some articles, modify some of the content. This approach will not know search engine to determine the original content? As I know there is a website http://s.hao-games.cn, FLASH game site, with PowerEasy station program collection, in which each FLASH page of the game, is by hand and add. How does this "original" search engine determine


also has a problem that everybody knows, search engine to a large number of portal website, forum included faster. The same article, at the same time in the author’s Web site and large portal site published, search engine first included is often on the portal site, and then included in the author’s Web site. If so, the article will determine the source of the article from the portal site.

on the original, search engine criteria: snapshot date, crawl page time, the number of pages outside the chain, the extent of the article modified. As the above example, I want to be a pseudo original, the search engine spider is a program, some text change, it is difficult to assess is not original, but after the estimate with the search engine program, this situation will be less and less. More than the amount of similarity should be regarded as reprint.

so on the original content has a few small suggestions: first make your site included, and then go to the website to send. If it is new, more use of these tools Baidu feeds. There are original content, coupled with their own content address, so that when other people collect, because the link will also be determined as the original content.