How to improve product rankings through long tail keywords


doesn’t know that SEO is embarrassed to say that he is doing e-commerce. SEO contains a lot of content, and enterprises are closely related to the promotion of bidding, keyword optimization and store optimization and so on. The charges do not say, as long as willing to pay to do. Now most manufacturing enterprises do e-commerce, mainly in the major B2B platform to build shops, hair products, I can not avoid the vulgar, a few small experiences to share with you.

as mentioned above, I in the B2B platform is also built shops, hair products, and then were observed, comprehensive, focused on fishing, gradually put emphasis on some good rankings, and easier on the website optimization. I do mine equipment parts, mainly B2B platform has Chinese suppliers, China’s Internet business and factory stores, million net and so on.

accidentally discovered today that I was in the factory store issued a product in the Baidu home page, this is relatively unexpected, because usually did not take care of. I was on the situation was analyzed, the key word is "shearer nozzle", I used the title of coal mining machine nozzle, ordinarily should not be too ranking in front, then I found the site title is

, this is what I do, by referring to the background of publishing products found in the background there is a set of keywords, I fill out the "coal mining machine nozzle, so will appear on the website in the title, a careless move to my own ranking brought this big effect, this is not me think of.

in addition, the SEO of this site is still in place, you can see in the source file, the description of the description is written in great detail, according to this, it seems that my product can have such ranking is not accidental.


as the industry says, a good tree is a good place to enjoy the cool. Find the right website, can make network marketing achieve twice the result with half the effort. I want to say is, looking for the platform at the same time, publishing products should pay attention to the long tail keywords and keyword set, I like this product, the main keywords are shearer and nozzle, long tail keywords including shearer shearer nozzle, nozzle, nozzle, Hydra integrated coal mining machine nozzle prices and so on, the general site allows to fill in 5 a good combination of keywords, as related to the long tail keywords, selected 5 of the more important fill, might surprise you.

is another point to note is that when the release of products, all kinds of parameters and properties of the settings of the site can fill in as far as possible to fill, such products for ranking and search is very beneficial, not because of the trouble to fill a casual move instead can achieve a large order


I have always believed in the principle of doing things without worrying about it. When you complain about the effectiveness of products everywhere, have you ever wondered whether you have studied the rules and settings of these websites?