SEO important mentality the most important thing is a steady state of mind

saw a few days ago Qiu’s website dropped from first to 11.., Qiu is SEO legend. Although lost rankings, but still support SEO data station.. believe he will come back.

Baidu’s SEO first must be brother Qiu’s,

3-14, Baidu update. Think of the tragedy that happened to me. I am famous quotes: famous quotes from the station dropped to No. first in the 12. page keyword also dropped a lot. The station desolate.. their hard for half a year to return to the past. The heart suddenly pain I believe that many webmaster understand. I’m not cheating, the contents of the article are finishing their own. As to why Baidu will do so, I do not know, there is no way, he is our Baidu webmaster, you make me die. We die. I only want to say no is not Baidu webmaster.. please normal.

do SEO, the most important thing is the mentality, the most important steady state of mind, Baidu, you let me off. I will try to climb back to, is the first famous celebrity standing

, now let me tell you what I need to do when I drop out of the rankings. I checked one of my friendships and found that 3 meters were K. Right away, I’ve been looking for high quality friendship.

these days

every day to update some quality articles. Finally, can only wait for the world, and other Baidu to verify, who is the famous famous station..

here stability, yesterday update rankings out of the webmaster. Must steady state of mind, do SEO good mentality can win

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