Online ordering website nnovation small service radius to produce great value

is an office worker, especially in the IT industry of white-collar class, all day in front of the computer keyboard hammering, pay attention to the efficiency, and every day at noon and night to think about what to eat is to make people extremely headache. Where to eat? What to eat? Where is more delicious? Where delicious cheap? Is it out to eat or to order food? These considerations are no bigger than work. Working people’s eating problem has always been a big business, from traditional catering to online ordering, if you can seize this demand, make innovative models, online booking site will be a hot item. The demand for meals is endless, the key is to rely on the strength of the platform, how to tap user needs, the line of business opportunities associated with the Internet, and users and businesses to establish a strong relationship between O2O.

traditional ordering website developed so far, there is not much vitality. The biggest drawback is that the online booking price is low, fewer businesses, resulting in excessive service radius, it is difficult to make a long-term and stable relationship between the business and the reservation through the web site. The American online ordering website GrubHub has opened up new online booking patterns, such as the recent expansion of more investment development. And the latest online meal site in China has its web model and a GrubHub similar to that of the United states. If Sina and micro-blog succeed in copying twitter, the success of Facebook and Groupon is also being replicated domestically. Well, the GrubHub model is likely to be a new target for domestic Internet imitation because of the success of the successful meal network.

, based in Beijing on less than a year’s online meal line, has won its first venture capital. Compared with the traditional ordering website, meal net covers more food businesses, intentions through better services to narrow between consumers and businesses between consumers and their radius, let go and trust businesses to establish a stable relationship between consumption. It makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional ordering websites, such as lack of business cooperation, large service radius, and difficulty in maintaining long-term trust and consumption relations. This model does not charge merchants for display fees, but only a small commission on merchant orders. May order the unit and the Commission but formed a mode of scanty, established long-term relationship, the order will Everfount, the Commission will be Many a little make a mickle.

founder Zhao Xiao from the meal network interview can be found, the original intention of the meal network did not consider the "traditional" or "new", but his team needs, and found it did not resolve well worth doing well, the "traditional" demand is good enough, new meaning. Nor consider too many initial merchant signing issues, some are only concerned with consumers, leaving the contract behind, and only consider providing the most complete takeaway information for users. Whether 200 yuan from the private food, or 5 yuan from the fast food, regardless of the prime location, or removal villages, are included targets. This, to some extent, has extended the coverage of the ordering merchants and also enriched the variety and price of the order. Can satisfy the demand better >