Some tips for buying text links

dedicate this article to a friend who is going to buy a link,

just 3 months before the contact link market, commissioned by a friend, buy pull nearly more than 40 web sites including PR3, PR2, PR4, Web links, forum links, blog links, cost about 1000 yuan, all put the links on the new station some formal, non PW links, buy a week after the website began to take effect, first by Google, YAHOO included, then Baidu included, namely this half finished

link to buy half a month later observed link, because the purchase link, by feeling, as long as the PR is a little higher net, finally by observing the second half of the month, found that some only do home page link to the site only included a page, and some do station forum link, with the development of the forum. Included increases continuously, obviously better than the home link. Some website links innumerable but mostly, it links, according to the PR algorithm, the effect is far less than the number of blog website links effect, blog links as website so much, but PR increased faster. Yes, Google included, very useful.

has some new sites, but also to buy some links, but to have the option of buying some forum site station, the station link, try to choose a relatively small website station link station, PR relatively high, such as the above PR4 website, Baidu ranking effect better, of course, the Google effect is good. The site has some links with YAHOO expired, query tool, query the better, link to start the next renewal. Some effect is not very good, will choose to give up, to save money to buy some high quality links, so second months, Baidu keyword began to rise, Google also began to rise, of course, give up some stations, there are still some negative effect on the rankings, so the pre selected link time is necessary to considering the multi comparison and choice, try to choose on the website. PR slightly higher, more affordable, can do the whole station, and continue to work together, this is good for both sides,


this is a 3 month experience in buying links, and personally, I think it’s good to have a classified information link. Especially the increase in the outer chain. Thank you,

look at this article, hoping to help the novice.

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