Once 30 thousand P DJ Adsense talk about the reasons for the failure of business

I have personally done a DJ website, mainly free online audition dj DJ download, was well developed, which reached its peak at 3Wip, but ultimately failed to analyze the following reasons, I hope you learn from you, I avoid detours.

first, server unstable,

want to be stable DJ station, must have their own server, and the server should be stable, when I first started due to low popularity, so the website run quickly, but with the number of online website is more and more high, DJ often appear white screen phenomenon, a time to meet friends, if you hit a few times, you will never come to my site, but also caused great loss of popularity.

second, Baidu SEO didn’t do it,

you can go to the Baidu index check, the word "DJ", a more than 50 thousand day search volume, I had DJ rankings, to get the first page, third, was a skylight on the word, a day to 1.5IP, because the word. Similar struggle too much, I did not grasp the ranking. What a pity!!!


second, lack of moneymaking planning,

at that time, my site up to 3W IP, but with the increasing popularity, my server could not stand up, I want to change a better server, but I suddenly found that almost no profit, experienced friends all know, DJ station GG advertising doesn’t work, now, SP hang up, basically no advertising what to do, other income maintenance, while the DJ station is to burn, no money, the server cannot sustain. Now sum up, the above three reasons is the cause of my site failure, speak now also hope that we learn from the above problems as soon as possible to deal with the method to make a station, otherwise open to head back, DJ website is not good business, and now do the same site so many people. Due to a loss of popularity before the station is too big, so now I change to another new business, http://s.dj234.com, hope can be developed