Basic ways to improve site ranking

how to improve site rankings and how to promote, and quickly improve the popularity and popularity of the site, you can start from the following aspects of.

1. has international domain names (.Com,.Net, etc.) is also very important, it is best to have independent IP (such as: site:

2. web pages of the best static, static page to the search engine and ranking. If it is a dynamic page, can be configured as pseudo static, pseudo static settings can go to the network to find related articles.

Contains the main key words and expression of

3. in the title of the site in title, location, density of keywords is also very important, the choice of keywords and page optimization to grasp. The choice of keywords is best not too hot, the rational use of long tail keywords.

4. to improve the quality and quantity of the external links, is very helpful for improving the weight of the website. The website is the best three famous web directory DMOZ, Yahoo and Looksmart included, as well as domestic hao123265 navigation.

5. provides valuable web content (best original), on the one hand, to the search engine show good, on the other hand, you can display their unique and practical content, the use of rankings and user experience.

6. to write some high quality soft Wen, help others to improve the technology, expand their visibility, bring flow. On the web and send electronic messages on RSS, and give the birthday blessing prompt customers to make and so on but also to retain a good way to repeat.