nsert social wings for e commerce 1

social commerce should be hot this year, several friends are pioneering in this field, will do a social e-commerce share on the Hangzhou Railway Station I share in SocialBeta, PPT has been released, but relatively simple, especially some numbers, and today I will come again with a little write a version of the. I begin with a few phenomena.

3 phenomena – socialization has been everywhere,

phenomenon 1: we are all on the social network.

I believe that many people have become addicted to micro-blog and become a veritable micro-blog control, and spend more and more time on micro-blog every day. From the social network the number of users, Facebook has more than 600 million of the number of users in the world, if you compare Facebook to a country, Facebook is ranked in China and India’s third largest nations in the world, but in China, the number of active users of QQ space has reached 490 million, while the number of repeat users both relatively small, if the sum of the two, the equivalent of 7 people on earth is a social network users, and this number is crazy growth.

phenomenon 2: we care what other people say / like / comment about,

movie "let the bullets fly" that will be released, hot on the network, my colleagues and friends are talking about, so I went to see what users watercress to play a bit, look at how others comments, scoring results, very high, very good comments, so nothing went to the cinema. In fact, this will be a lot of things, buy books, watch movies, travel, restaurants and so on, will go online to see how others are evaluated, what to say, like, do not like. In a 2008 survey data of opinion research, affects their shopping decisions among 83% users that other users on the network review and evaluation, that is to say, we really care about others.

phenomenon 3: we don’t believe advertising more and more.

we all filled with all kinds of advertising, bus, taxi, elevator, a portal home page, but we can turn a blind eye to these ads, but do not believe in advertisements. In 2007, a survey by Nelson showed that 70% of survey users believed in recommendations from other consumers, not business advertisements. The emarketer2010 year survey data show, compared with 09 years, believe the number of recommended users from known social network of people increased by 47.5%, micro-blog believed to come from the understanding of the recommended number of users increased by 21%, while the number of users believe that advertising has declined from.


correction: the scale of the social e-commerce market will reach [by 2015]