Do stand plan and moving to a winner


network has developed from nowhere to the present. From the past to do a garbage station, you can have thousands of months to tens of thousands of income, and now rent the server’s space costs are not affordable. This change, had to allow the majority of individual owners to carry out a change of thought. We used to kind of "want to do the first rich station" mentality is not good, not what station can make money, the election is not good, not only can not make big money, or even direct loss. We should now consider what to do and how to make money. Plan and moving to win


networks make money roughly divided into the following.

one, use advertising. This is the most basic, the most simple, but also the cheapest mode. The station that our individual stationmaster makes is rubbish station basically, and because of its limitation, often do is recreational station, for instance music station, joke station, novel station. Such stations even if hundreds of thousands of traffic, but also can not pull high advertising costs, there is no line of efficient marketing team, and want to get a good profit is almost impossible. And this kind of station is the station that most individual stationmaster chooses first, also be the station with the most in the network, this kind of station suggests not to do, want to increase flow is not easy, want to make money, profit is more difficult. If you really want to rely on advertising to make suggestions, I do not do industry website, has done excellent site of the industry in the industry, to find that no one had done business, or not good site industry. When you are doing the best in an industry website, there should be an enterprise to advertise.

two, using alliances. Use alliance is individual stationmaster bigger income, want to have at the outset, a Taobao advertisement alliance, let how many stationmaster’s purse changes the drum?. But now the whole environment is not good, making use of the alliance to make money has become extremely difficult. Now the price alliance is very low, the amount deducted serious, has become chicken ribs, tasteless gesture! If you want to make a stand now, want to profit by union, I would advise you still cautious.

three, using GG. Make GG earn dollars. It is also a broad road to get rich rich. Think of the original, casually engage in a blog, and then find an English translation software translation. Put a GG ad.OK, just stay at home and wait for the dollar. Unfortunately, I sometimes wonder why the easy money is always so short. Yes, now, with the beauty of the old, smart, and with the appreciation of RMB, our dollar plan can not be done. Want to make a garbage English station earn dollars, this road seems to be impassability,

four, the use of crooked ways doings. This kind of money making model needs to take some legal risks, but it’s nothing more than doing a rubbish station and setting off a Trojan horse. Then steal virtual property. This kind of money making is both technical and risky. This line has formed a large industrial chain. Have a clear division of labor. There are loopholes in writing Trojan horse, there are black stations, Trojan horse. There are agents in the middle of the distribution game account, there are special letters under the house, there are special collection of black gold. Almost every popular games have many special hacking Trojans, Trojan horse technology >