Analysis how to make the independent blog again

blog was born some years, but also can not be used again to describe today’s mature and stable development, but let person be cast into the shade although some quite coverage, applied widely, function relatively strong, but did not achieve the desired effect. With the current rise from the media, the popularity of WeChat platform, so that all people see the hope, eyebrows have been stretched, but once the blog’s short-lived shadow is lingering.

The development of the

blog still let people say not clear, see through, stand in a neutral point of view, the development of blog should be gradually decreasing form, whether it is business or personal blog, blog should be said to meet the market limit. There are many reasons here. The biggest possibility is that the exchange and reading methods are changing in different forms. The unique, unique and sharing of blogs are slowly replaced by other platforms. Now, the independent blog industry, a voice of four, want to survive, certainly need some development momentum. The following analysis of how the blog should be developed to attract more people to stop to watch, mainly from four aspects of effort, making the blog’s potential to be fully excavated.

first, work on the idea of passing. Personal blog want to have greater development, we must not relax in the ideological requirements of information, the performance of this idea is a cultural exchange, a concept of transmission, a true meaning of life. The first is to combine the ideological features on the blog, people can through the collision of ideas can grow, regardless of differences, or identity, ultimately should be regarded as the ideological progress, this is part of the value of blog. Personal blog should be based on personal thinking as the starting point, this is not just a personal flow record, more personal ideological growth history. Of course, the development of blogs should be free of charge. Through blogging, many friends may be made strong, so that people of the same interests or related experiences can be brought together. In a word, the possibility of greater development is possible only when there is a spark of thought.

second, work on the content of the transfer. The content of the blog should be said to be the "dishes" on the banquet, the taste and quality of the food directly determine the success of the banquet, and this truth is still suitable for the existence of blog. The content of the blog can be a paragraph of text, a picture, a few words, or a micro video, and so on, the form is very broad. Has a force to be reckoned with, perhaps a simple words, can cause numerous readers to read their own voice; perhaps a hand to capture images, can produce great news value, by all kinds of crazy reproduced website. Relative to the personal blog, which is an external display their own platform, transfer is the content of your behavior, there are a lot of related content, the sensitivity of course also need certain things, simply Title touches the content can also be appropriate to "touch some color", absolutely can not make up rumors, the corresponding area this knowledge and creative skills.