Awesome brother share a year when the owners of waste time

has not come for a long time, A5 hair article, just looked at the previous articles, records, have been a few months ago. No way, the work is really too busy, sometimes really want to find a chance to stay a good while, write a little thing, send a little blog, but time is such a little bit of the drain. The awesome brother and the webmaster to share what I experience when some owners in a year, although it is still a rookie, but that moment than the year started, has been much more stable.

entered a company after graduation last year, and the company did software development. Usually not very busy, because at that time because of idle time is more, I would like to get some money by other means, but also part-time. But after much deliberation, really did not have some good projects. By chance, from a friend in QQ’s conversation, he mentioned that he was selling things on Taobao, and that he could get more than 1K a month, when he was envious and hated. So, I also want to get an impulse Taobao shop, was really full of confidence, it is called, did not experience, did not know the hardships. So I opened my first Taobao shop, is also the first step in my life on the Internet wangzhuan. The result, of course is devastated. A month, income less than 100, but also spent a lot of my time, and Taobao finally failed.

later, found that many people do not rely on online shop to make money, because the owner did not supply goods, think of goods, they can find agents, or on behalf of the sale of other products, be divided into. I am very interested and engaged in this model. This is the most popular Taobao at that time. I naturally joined the Taobao army. You must have said, "you must have made a lot of money this time.". Wrong, this time more cruel than the last lesson, will not promote, will not sell themselves, will not rank skills, and even SEO is nothing to know. Just know, my site is very beautiful, very powerful, almost second Taobao, even if 1000 people see, there is a person to buy, I earned it. However, the lesson is that the site does not flow, but how can you ensure that a user can buy you something ordinary probabilistic mode you can’t apply to you, because you are facing a real live users, so Taobao guest career finally ended with a failure.

later, cool down for some time. I found myself is a software developer, actually do not know SEO, do not know how to operate the site, do not be justified. When you see so many websites on the Internet, none of them really belong to you. You can’t give up your dreams. Then I heard that Discuz program is very powerful, is the preferred procedure for the forum, and then began to learn how to do the forum, how to run the forum. But at that time one of the biggest mistakes was made and the forum was not at all fixed. This is the novice webmaster a common problem, you don’t know what you want to do, do not know what the site positioning, how to operate in the future, you >