Shi Yuning shares how to select a good domain name for your website


everyone in the planning site first thought is how to choose a good domain name, a good domain name is the extension and the value inherent in the brand enterprises, and save a large amount of promotional costs for the enterprise, can attract more customers for the enterprise, but also can ensure that the brand is not worth the loss, enhance the corporate image. So how do we choose a good domain name for our website? Shi Yuning gives you how to choose a good domain name for your website.

1, site domain name is better, remember

if the domain name is first seen by the user can be deeply printed in my mind, so that the domain name can be said to be a good domain name, for example: will be much better than the, the user can easily be unnecessary to remember, users spend a lot of time to remember, and meet the user experience requirements.

2, site domain name to novel

from’s point of view, Baidu loves something new and unique. From the user’s point of view, when browsing the search engine, users like to place their eyes on what they are interested in. So when we choose the domain name, must be innovative, out of the ordinary, this will cause more of the search engine and the user’s attention, helps to optimize the website, to attract customers to visit our website.

3, enterprise station, portal, domain name first choice.Com

There are many

domain name suffixes, such as.Com,.Cn,.Org,.Net,.Edu,.Gov and so on. They represent different meanings:

.Com: Commercial, organizations, business organization, company

.Cn: China’s top national domain name

.Org: Other organizations, non profit organization

.Net: Network, operations, and, service, centers, network service provider,

.Edu: Educational institutions, teaching and research institution

.Gov: Governmental entities, government department,

,.Edu,.Gov suffix domain name is generally used by the education sector and government agencies, the quality of the site is very high, so the weight of the search engine is also very high. Therefore, as a portal station and enterprise station should be preferred,.Com suffix domain name, but also by users familiar with, and users usually contact the most is also.Com suffix domain name.

4, the domain name and site content should be consistent,