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at the beginning, do not always want to make money, forget to make money, out of limitations, the establishment of multi-channel, multiple modes of marketing, soft and hard tools to run, and wholeheartedly do a good job in the web site is the last word. Build up a good brand image, reputation and reputation. Only for the sake of users, and constantly improve the viewer’s experience, so that people feel their proper role and effect. User feedback will be immeasurable, the sea surge, come to


a team that can work steadily, improve internal relations, and then step by step, on this basis for construction and development. Let each member understand the importance of team cooperation, convey the spirit of hard struggle, unify their thinking and drive the energy of their efforts toward common goals.

many people write in the blog, want to use soft Wen to do promotion for the site, how long can survive in an article in the network? This is a key to success depends on its effect, or is it the value, meaning of this article is how good it is good to what extent. Is a representative of information, or on behalf of a story, the story is a fantasy, moving, the more exciting the better. Why classical poetry, catchy, has been transmitted; it is because the poem expresses the poet of deepening emotion and broad mindedness, lifelike and vivid picture of the thing, it is picturesque, extraordinary classic, the essence of beauty; how not to honor? Good article also loved by the people, read, copy, transfer and circulation to reproduce its wonderful. Speaking of here, do not forget the article in the wonderful content of the key word insert links Oh, can not put too much, one to two on it.

asked the king of Lu Mencius, why not our people increased, while people in other countries did not reduce? Mencius wants to say, Huainan area, rich in citrus, people called it "orange", and to the north of Huainan, also producing citrus, because different regions, different environment, fruit a little bitter, sour and sweet, that is even more expensive than selling citrus; where people call it: "Zhi", why the same fruits are called different things, in fact that is what people call it the expression of symbol and label, look at the shape and color of the given name, a habit. No matter what it is, it is our favorite orange. Don’t expect it to be called orange. The colorful features are also good.

according to local conditions, management properly, it will bear a lot of fruit, and rich joy, will let people see hope, the day is naturally over, the more prosperous.

to the mountain country, national stability, people live and work in peace, reuse talent, scientific innovation, economic development, personnel training, transfer the spirit of the horse as its power, people do their best to make more contributions to the prosperity of the country, make up, the country will continue thriving and prosperous development…… The relevant, not only all the people came from afar, people will come to us, to the water it! All rivers run into sea of tolerance, popular >;