Station 6 days talk about the feelings of PBDGG

eleven vacation time, contact PBdIGG to today is sixth days, there are many experiences to share with you.

, I think it is a very good y PHP program, webmaster or edit the content update on time is the past, PBDIGG can make more people more convenient to publish articles or comments, to meet the needs of the owners. From the load point of view, individuals feel that the processing speed of the program is relatively fast. From the point of view of humanity, the program comes with 2 sets of boards is also very beautiful.

second, Pbdigg has the function of common article system, such as the definition, the color of the title top, headlines, recommendation and other functions, very suitable.

is the last Tidianyijian, or some views represent my personal needs, but also want to pay attention to the official.

1, voting function required

2, need to edit the background management article function

3, as far as possible to achieve static, rather than pseudo static, so that the site out of that, to withstand more Da traffic.

4, column hope you can have a variety of attributes, such as foreground navigation, show or, hide the column, column type for URL link.

5, advertising management system to facilitate Adsense easily insert and replace advertising,

6, annex download integral system.

7, custom fields, such as the fields I always wanted to define a cell phone price.

ha ha, casually send something, we don’t want to be soft, just like, my station

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