Talking about the UGC community let core users create valuable content


] core tip community of users can be divided into users, ordinary users and users of three kinds of core, while the core users can create valuable content for the community, not all the generated content is significant.

editor’s note: the author looks at Gauin on the "UGC community products talk: how to allow users to create content" of the article, think quite excellent feeling, attempt an ineffective solution. As a deep user and practitioner of the UGC community, the author himself also talks about this topic.

community user hierarchy – only core users can create valuable content

Gauin’s article talks about how to create content for users, and first of all I would like to add that valuable content needs to be created. The content is not as good as possible. It may be irrigation or garbage. For example, send a weather forecast at a beauty forum and dress in a car forum. You can certainly say that the community is based on the "human" relationship, the platform serves the user, and the user may talk about everything that can be included. That’s true, but remember, the choice is in the hands of the user. The user doesn’t want you to do everything. The future community will be subdivided into vertical fields. The user wants to see the natural beauty clothing will go to Yoka, OnlyLady, 55BBS; to see the car will naturally go to the car car, car home, easy car network; to see tourism will naturally go to the ant nest, poor tour, donkey mother. These don’t require you to make decisions for users. In addition to the vertical community based on interest, the local community, which is connected by region, is the same. If Hangzhou 19 upstairs Chongqing shopping mall discount information, Hangzhou 19 floor users will feel inexplicable.


the basic feature of the Internet is open, transparent, open the door, anyone can publish a topic or spit a slot. And the development of the Internet to this day, the community is particularly important for their positioning, is based on geographical connections or interest aggregation, all inclusive, PK small and beautiful, who wins who is negative, and now do not need to discuss it again,


secondly, I would like to add that the core users of the community are the ones that create the most valuable content. Community users can be broadly divided into three categories: core users, common users, and users.

, who is the core user, is a core user of the community, who is constantly browsing the community, using the Internet, and having a sense of belonging to the community and having the ability to contribute high-quality content.

what is a regular user? Regular browsing, you can do lightweight operations on the site, such as reply, like, collect, vote, simple discussion, etc..

What does

do for browsing users? Just looking at users when they need it.

so what’s the difference between browsing users and regular users? Compare Ferrari users