Scholar how does the website seek good quality friendship link

what I’m talking about here is "quality links", which means the best link to your website, which is the best link to your website.

these days, many webmaster friends through QQ or QQ group asked me, how to do a good link to the website, IT College Station friendship link is how to exchange with others?. Asked a lot of people, they decided to write this article, summed up their experience in exchange of friendship links in this experience, to share with you.

from this Google update PR value seems, personal think friendship links to Google PR value promotion function and not imagine so powerful, but also can’t deny the importance of links to the site. For example, the Internet is a vast expanse of water, and the site is in the sea one island, it is a Links link island bridge. Metaphor a bit nauseous, simple, Baidu search engine directly to your website and content directly to another website content, if the two sides do Links, spiders may by the other party website onto your website to be included, this multiplier.

on the exchange Links this, but There is much fineness in. What is the quality of Web sites, links, high PR value, high included site, or flow of large web site, personally think, the most suitable for your website links is high-quality links.

, such as my IT College Station, has several principles for linking:

1 non regular stations do not do.

example, a private type of Web site, even if your PR value is higher, the flow is big, resolute not to exchange links. It is undeniable that most private stations are high PR value (buy links everywhere, the PR value can not be high), it is easy for some novice Adsense temptation.

2 site navigation station does not do.

here does not detract from the site navigation station, after all, there are too many webmaster do site navigation, and site navigation station has a lot of the PR value is quite high, but under consideration, even if your website PR value of 2, his navigation station PR 4, and how? Your site of the chain twenty or thirty, but his two hundred or three hundred, how can we compare.

3 company type website does not do.

does not link with the website of company type, the reason is, basically company website, no matter the PR value is high or low, rarely updated, similar to the dead station that I mentioned in the previous article. How to prove, might as well go to check his website collection and snapshot situation.

4 forum type link not done.

declares first. I mean, my website basically doesn’t link with the forum. Personally think that the forum is the best link to find the forum, and the site always feel a little different with the forum. Except for one point, unless it is large forums, and similar, and traffic is enormous, the weight is extremely high. IT >