Video SNS web games and other four types of sites the risk of bankruptcy is great

"there are a few romantic, there are a few fold fall" – – Hongkong’s former financial secretary Liang Jinsong used an allusion to the investment field has been very popular in the venture site, this sentence has become a suitable portrayal. Recently, 99 music network and Home Furnishing supplies shopping network take Home Furnishing network failures, due to the closure of the site, the venture capital investment will lose everything.

investors show reason

recently, Li Jiacheng Hutchison Whampoa  announced the suspension of the new global investment, before next year, all has not carried out or not bear the expenses will be saved, and all existing investment projects to make review and review, previously, the Sequoia Fund throws a sentence: "before we use the money, cash flow is still not what up, then it would not reach out to us for money!"

recently, 99 China ( music network in a year after the closure of the operation, it is understood that the site in January this year on-line, by an American Chinese investment 30 million yuan creation. According to sources, the company recently met to discuss increasing the bandwidth, but on Friday, due to sudden withdrawal of venture capital withdrawals, into the asset liquidation stage.

one after another broke massive layoffs, such as last year won a $8 million venture capital fund of the commercial web, recently because of employee wages event triggered the dispute, after confirmed, the company laid off 100 people are still the core of the team."

four types of sites shut down risk

Guangdong herefrom, director Chen Sheng said that the deteriorating economic situation this year, small and medium-sized site capital chain tension, estimate next year’s survival environment even worse, in addition, the government to strengthen the site licence supervision, but also to the small website increased policy pressure, "although we have the audio-visual license and broadcasting licenses of the company not in Guangdong, but also to save costs for the winter, such as by controlling the size, the monthly cost of 800 thousand yuan in the compression." According to industry sources, like big video sites, the cost of a month is about 2 million.

four domestic websites because of financial difficulties and face a great risk of failure, including the video website (high operating costs, high risk policy), the social networking site SNS (mainstream sites have been difficult to surpass, consolidate) life search site (industry segments, earnings uncertainty), web games (large enterprises to enter the threshold of Entrepreneurship), when the network entrepreneurs financing will be called the "Web2.0" concept, also be regarded as synonymous with "two".

environment, there is still risk investment into the Internet, before the injection of electronic commerce website "Diamond bird" LIAN sources, today the capital totaling 10 million dollars in the second round.