Review and reflection after famous blog

has made his own blog a celebrity, something that all bloggers want. Ever since the day the blog was founded, bloggers have been fantasizing about when they can make a real name for themselves. Most of the time, though, it’s just a matter of thinking about it. After all, it’s not as easy to build a successful blogger, but there are also many uncontrollable factors.

although it is not a simple thing to build a famous blog, there are still many famous people who can learn from it. These days, I have been observing and learning some famous blog, and found that there are still traces of success behind me. Today, Song Congming will come and discuss the success of these famous names:

blogger’s user experience

first of all, let’s talk about the user experience of famous blogger. When we open a name Bo, often will produce a kind of "linger" feeling. Whether it’s blog style design, or blogger’s exciting article, or a click of the relevant recommendations of the desire, and even the background color of the blog can make people feel very comfortable. These blogs tend to be simple and easy to design, which people want to see and want to see, and they contribute more than N to PV.

blog success or not, its user experience is a key factor. These bloggers are veteran veterans, who know deeply about the behavior of target users, the preferences of target users, and so forth. If you want to build a name, you might as well go and see how your field is designed for your own reference.


blogger’s theme location

a successful blog must have a loyal audience, and the premise of these loyal readers is an accurate topic orientation. As the saying goes, there is no Tastes differ all tastes., something to cater to all tastes, blog is no exception. A successful blog must be within a certain range of success. A wise blogger will never pursue a large and full audience. All they can do is meet their target audience, and that’s enough.

, song wise, has met some bloggers before, and is very vague about the theme of the blog. Always hope that their blog can attract all readers, although the idea is very good, but this is impossible, this is entirely a thankless task. It is better to start out on your own interests, write your favorite subjects, and attract more like-minded people.

keep in mind that small areas will be a great success,


name Bo’s age

most successful blogs are known to be over 33 months old. That is to say, it takes at least three years to build a successful blog. It tells us that any success is not easy