Operation ideas and common problems of film collecting station

nothing to do today, talk about ideas for the operation of movie collection station. Little brother do stand six months, always have the following confusion, I do not know whether you have custody, and see me carefully.

initially do film collection station, interest dictates, see other people weight 7,8, every day accounted for thousands of blocks, that is envy, jealousy, hate, so immediately buy VPS, domain name, installed procedures, engage in collection, do film collection station. Collect updates every day, and then wait list, do not stop looking at IP traffic. I believe many friends are like me. But after a while, there was no traffic at all. I just found out. The Internet Movie Collection Station innumerable such content, repeat what you ask in a complete mess, breaking off the lead out the siege of


of course, I also realized that every day such collection, update, boil it is also a waste of time, I want to find a movie collection station operating breakthrough. Younger brother is now in this stage, there are several ideas:

1: do not take the site as a collection station to do, as a television station to do. For example, you in the resources collected from the movie, it’s other stations already updated pages, form up the film, you can now add collection, can come to the front row with the flow? Recommended: site after the first acquisition of a batch of data as the foundation, and then began to manually update. See some of the recent movies are relatively hot, do not wait for collection, manually added directly to the site, even if there is no broadcast address, put a trailer is also ok.

2: looking for the fastest update resource station, you don’t need all the resources, but the update must be fast. After Nora fell, I have a collection of bread web resources, play a very full type, Youku, music, potatoes, M1905, Sina, Sohu, watermelon, gigi. But there is a drawback, the update speed is too slow, such as the TV series this update to 15 sets, you collected only 14 sets, this movie has a HD HD, his back is the first acquisition TS version, which can make? Visitors can not fool, who is fast, high clear who who, in where to look.

3: playback mode selection, such as 2 said, down after Nora, I collected some time bread net, a lot of play types, but the updating speed, set the number of high-definition version, can not keep up, then I consider watermelon, Gigi, a pioneer in this several players, for users without what changes before using your site is fast, watermelon, watermelon player I changed into it. I don’t care what player you are, as long as I can see movies. But I also can not integrate these players to my site, and I see a few large television stations all have watermelon video, and I also test the watermelon playback speed is good, the renewal of resources fairly and timely, on the choice of the watermelon. Other resources are not collected, only watermelon.

4: as for the procedure, domain name, VPS select the online search a lot, I will say no more. But select template, I want to say >