The main problems faced by the public opinion monitoring work of the government

in recent years, various types of network public opinion events are frequent, has attracted national attention in the work of the network of public opinion. In the 12th Five-Year plan, it has been clear that government units at all levels should strengthen the construction of monitoring and management of online public opinion.

through the visit to some government units, we found that all units in public opinion work prevalent in the following situations:

(public opinion) is not scientific enough to understand

many units, the mention of network public opinion the first thought is not a good thing, followed by fear, but the network public opinion not only is not a good thing, dealing with the network public opinion scientifically also need not blind fear.

Effect of

network public opinion brings, not always negative, or sometimes it should be said that in most cases, the influence of network public opinion should be positive, such as network public opinion can indirectly improve the work norms, institutions with the help of the agency found their own lack of promotion institutions to improve their situation.

although most of the public opinion incidents we see have had a devastating effect on society, the result is often due to lack of proper handling. If each unit can actively carry out network public opinion work, then it is possible to create a healthy public opinion environment.

(two) ability to monitor public opinion lags behind

actively carry out public opinion work is the core of the first time to find clues to network public opinion, which is one of the most serious problems we found after visiting various units.

almost all the units that network public opinion is very important, many units are equipped with full-time public opinion information, at least one, more than one department, but most of them are lack of the first time that the methods and tools of network public opinion clues. We see that most of the units are still using the most primitive artificial search engine to monitor the network public opinion, this method is inefficient, and accuracy is very low.

public opinion monitoring is a routine work, not a one-off. Therefore, public opinion monitoring needs continuity and stability. If this kind of work depends entirely on human beings, there will be unstable possibility and it will be restricted by non working time. We initially estimate that a system can achieve at least 200 artificial monitoring capabilities instead.

therefore, public opinion monitoring work, if you want to achieve good results, must be professional tools, coupled with professional talent can be achieved.

(three) public opinion, lack of post-processing means

public opinion appeared and monitored, the matter does not end, but also the need for public opinion events to deal with. One of the ways we do this is to delete posts, but not to say that deleting posts is the best way to deal with it. Besides, there are many ways to deal with public opinion.

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