Buy network Groupon mode money making no competition business model analysis

Groupon network group purchase money without mode competition, do not know this title will not be provoked into you again like a swarm of bees Groupon model group purchase website, have seen the incomplete statistics, said that the current domestic such website has risen to more than 400, of course, the data so far, the number of positive or infinite increase in principle to multiply.


remember in May 29th at Li Kaifu webmaster general assembly, the teacher talked about the Groupon model, and this is not good, the reason is the development prospect will reach a bottleneck, also does not favor VC and similar sites, it was the first time I heard about Groupon model of group purchase website, not seriously, because do not understand, so I listen to and.

himself is a constant focus on A5 and Sina Technology, and it’s finally rumored that a home site will finance and finance millions of dollars. However, there are reports of Groupon will be stationed in China, the whole capital first step is a legend website more than 2000 dollars in mergers and acquisitions, this message let me go to sleep before midnight in the hazy Shuiyan bit bright, the first feeling is terrible, second was surprised, third was an accident.

believes that there are owners made a similar website, its technology and operation, the threshold is very low, but this is just such a website, whether rumors or gossip or in financing, mergers and acquisitions news are uplifting. Believe in the way you feel, it’s like buying a lottery ticket.

the next day, which is on Friday, I have a try mentality, also launched their own Groupon mode and released the group purchase website, I work environment of ancillary products – candy series DVD and cartoon products. As usual, Saturday and Sunday rested so much that you forgot about the site. The accident occurred on Sunday at 1 in the morning, as usual before login mobile phone QQ, a friend of the authentication information with each other after straight into the subject asked, candy cartoon is in play beans network group purchase? A series of problems, this reminds me of my online website on Friday, the answer is. I thought it was a net friend searching for candy, because the related keywords came to my website, but then his words made me get out of sleep again, excited, and the other said yes, I bought 20 sets. A market price is 50 yuan, I was the staff of 15% off group purchase information sent to my online, did not expect so soon, or the click to buy Alipay and then half believe and half doubt that payment is good, and then talked to sleep. Go to work on Monday, and as usual, at around 10 received a phone call, the other said that it had 850 yuan for hit my Alipay account, what time is convenient to take. I once again tangled up, ask yourself, is not it, so it is really sell? So to Alipay account balance inquiries, as well as 85>