Foreign trade website construction details determine success or failure

SOHO do foreign trade company in Fujian Province, mostly because there are Putian and Jinjiang foreign trade personnel accounted for more than 80%, a lot of small foreign trade companies have their own websites, but some operation is not very smooth, or the utilization rate and the conversion rate is not very high for what we analyze some problems from early to late:

1 foreign trade website domain name problem

domain name is nothing to say: a fee, foreign purchase price is probably around 5$, domestic registration price of 40-70 yuan, ranging from 60

domain name is not recommended, huh, huh?. Take note of the site URL, too. Counterfeit trade suggests domestic purchase of domain name, saved by K risk

2 server / space size problem

look at the market, where to choose the server, the main European proposal, the British can also. The most widely used server is the United States, and the backbone network is also good. The quality of the server determines the access speed, stability, and security of a website. So, can not neglect, cheap, no good goods, this is what I have always believed, this year, less free.

Another problem is the size of the

space, there are a lot of people about my 10G space! I wonder, a website you have 10 thousand pictures of products also are not more than 500M to so much why general website 300M is


3 enterprise mailbox problem

enterprise mailbox, as far as I know, used to do trade in Soho, Fujian identity occupies a very large component, but the enterprise post office is good, this used all have experience, also too lazy to say more. Mailbox security, practicality, many mailboxes have to be refined. Secretly said, many are not safe, it is easy to be invaded.

4 foreign trade website style question

this problem is relatively small, but a lot of enterprises or individuals trading website, a look to know is China, a word – rotten ah. Complaining all day long, no single, do not know whether to consider this problem, efficiency.

we do business, when visitors enter the site through a variety of channels, 100 how many will be interested? How much will the turnover rate in the consultation?? we do SEO conversion to promote free promotion of intelligent promotion rate of


very important point, the quality of the product is not spoken by the mouth, as a network operator, the site is its own virtual base. A website can’t do well. How can other people believe you? (domestic trade is different),

secretly said: "many people are still using the 163 album?"

5 foreign trade product pictures, product introduction questions,

enterprises, individuals, and individuals, their product pictures are not clear enough, and product descriptions are not detailed enough (not even).