As webmaster also need hype

online selling things, speculation seems to be very popular. But, is every speculation good results? What are the hype techniques worth our learning? Today, I analyze a few cases to see if we can give you a touch.

"Taobao mosquito man" became popular these days. His way is simple – sell what you think is incredible. 6 yuan a dead mosquitoes, and seriously how to fight mosquitoes, how to pay the cost. This news, immediately or unintentionally spread to the major sites, especially to spread to the end of the world, mop and other super community. He became famous. More than 100 people looking for him, to advertise in his Taobao shop, there are several companies to ask him to do planning director, annual salary of hundreds of thousands of companies. More traditional media reporters, downstairs, to interview.

also, recently, a Taobao called "fireworks hot" clothing shop is even more bold – launched several Taobao small second name pen clothes. In my impression, Taobao small two has a high credibility, is to maintain the healthy operation of Taobao one of the core forces, I did not expect the owner was "dragged" into the water". I don’t know Taobao’s management is how to think, their employees so deeply involved in the business activities, they acquiesced? I doubt Taobao, two pen name I can give this shop sales? But there is one thing I don’t doubt that is the store visibility and traffic sure to go up.

‘s last case is an old one, but the story is often full of waves. Underwear MM Song Jiabao, small popularity on the network. Has been in Taobao, Tianya, NetEase, Alibaba and other sites for speculation. Her technique was simple: she sold her underwear and modeled herself. 06 years of fire for a while, 08 years in June again in the two hot Alibaba website.

carefully observed the three cases, I found one thing in common is that their approach is very consistent with the site’s appetite. Such as Taobao, it is certainly love shopkeeper controversial thing pounding drums, spread to the internet. "Mosquito man" do not know how much eyeballs and traffic Taobao brings, the spread of the effect is not less than tens of millions of outdoor advertising sold.

, in this, I think, will not be less, Taobao in fueling. That is called "fireworks hot" clothing stores, but also directly pull Taobao staff to participate. So, we will find that in all these controversial small incidents in the network, there are websites behind the initiative. Otherwise, the virus will never work better than it is now. The website and the individual conspire to do one thing, and the results are very good.

webmaster see whether this will give you some tips? By