How to operate local gateway to catch users

in some local site exchange group encountered many problems, there is a lot to ask how the user can grasp the operation of the site, local site Jason operation time is not long, but it also summarizes some, here to share with you.

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1, analysis of user habits,

how to locate your site features, you must first find a local user habits, local user habits vary, the best side to understand, to see what kind of layout is most suitable for them, because they are your site service, they are the real movers of your site, some local religion is ingrained. Your characteristic is the prevailing religion, in some places you idle away in seeking pleasure, characteristic is that the site is best not to idle away in seeking pleasure, what are, cover and contain everything, what is not fine.

2, dark content,

users love what kind of content, I personally think that the user is love dark content, but also conducive to the spread of dark content, when the editor, many mining some dark content, making the site represents the voice of the masses, not too official, for example, where there are people Dutch act, where there is Bao Xiaosan has been arrested, this kind of dark content with the public appetite, also willing to spread, do not underestimate this spread, many users can bring. And so and so the leadership of a company to investigate such official news should not be too many, few people see, unless the local won what honor, this can cause public pride can be publicized.

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1. uses QQ group to pull user

QQ group is a good stuff, you can be members of the QQ group to your site, some friends also use QQ group, also have, he has what the content of the post, directly into the group, but the results caused resentment.

1.1 you can use your name as a keyword search, such as "Nanjing", there will be a lot of groups, added to the group, then do not do publicity for a period of time, you need to communicate with them, cultivate feelings, the feelings you speak out you engage in a local website, ripe.

1.2, of course, there are a lot of local interest group, this group is very important, mixing time, talk to him directly, let him do the moderator, he has his own troops, can fully mobilize the forum, such as the local pet group, construction can make him responsible for the pet version.

1.3 there are some groups more chaos, you can add friends in addition to human management, and then form their own group, inviting them to join, to develop their own leadership, let them take you anywhere, the time is ripe can lead to the forum.

A lot of

on QQ group practice Gexianshentong, whether black or white cat can catch mice is a good cat.

2. uses social networking sites to tap user