n 2008 ‘ll continue my garbage collection


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to write the text, in fact, I also very confused, for the 2008 road really do not know how to go, do we really are waiting, waiting for a message such as Taobao or alliance like this should not be a real chance? We webmaster style. Today, a chance to meet a new friend,..JOY:.: when we talk about the future development, he also feel confused, in fact, this is the voice of most of the webmaster now. While we talked about in the personal website (station to say) the webmaster should now be in the low tide period to grow, for their own future ahead.


actually, the garbage station websites are all waiting to die. Although the big flow of garbage stations can guarantee your life for a while, and GGAD is supporting the last hope. But garbage stations are rubbish stations after all and never have a big way out. Besides, the garbage stations are no longer so easy to do.

in 2008, we the webmaster how to spend? It is worth pondering, a successful webmaster will eventually have a successful website, commercialization is the ultimate goal, then 2008 will be the best time to mature our webmaster.

positioning a target, struggling forward. Like Wang’s webmaster network, choose a future direction from all types of websites, and strive to achieve your ultimate goal. Although the road will be very unhappy, no income, no traffic, the user viscosity of the site will become our stumbling block. But difficulties can be overcome in the end, and it is no more difficult than landing on the moon.

site location: some people may ask each industry network now will have a very strong opponent, how do we get involved. Yes, now every industry, every type has a very strong opponent, someone outside. But all problems lie with themselves. Positioning problems, of course, need to come to myself, I know the webmaster network, I know the king, are absolutely worthy of our admiration. Stationmaster net from 06 years starting in March, to it for a long time, is not the real start time, stationmaster net actually only one year, and in one year more than he has got up early and similar sites (webmaster information) become the webmaster information websites in a real boss. Figure Wang, a respected webmaster by tens of millions of webmaster stars, has always had a far greater vision than others. In the beginning of August 2006, Taobao, SMS alliance after the setback, determined to expand the network owners, though there are still insufficient, but enough to make many webmaster with a Alexa ranking from 100 thousand just a few months to 20 thousand in the name of. The goal of the king is to enter the webmaster network within 1000

I say these, not because I am familiar with the map king, not the gunman, but for the name of the king, speculation, just want to explain a truth, a seemingly simple truth: find a direction to do >