80% the failure of the webmaster do not know how to look at the soft text

often see "soft in the webmaster information websites and forums, the identification is completed" and other similar message, delivered a similar message to see how you can stop operations of their website? If you think your website traffic did not imagine so high, nor did PR and rising with the Google update, maybe your failure is not that you don’t have to, but you know from the article is not a webmaster information may.

soft text itself is not wrong, wrong in the reader

can’t be denied that many people write articles to promote your site, to finally copious and fluent words, " www", this article is not welcome. When communicating with a big brother in the webmaster, he said, "as a reader of soft text, it is important to look for information, information is everywhere, and soft articles can always find effective information for readers.". To learn from." In fact, think, sometimes, perhaps a word, an idea, perhaps will stimulate our inspiration. Every day in Admin5 often see many webmaster shouting direction confused, shouting Baidu K stand, somehow…… In fact, the answers to these questions can be found here, a lot we don’t know the answer to a question in fact already has many predecessors told us the answer, we may make mistakes in fact already have to remind the previous. But you are not ", and from the outside to the inside of patience. Write the soft text, not because of pure promotion and write, see soft text also don’t report "discrimination soft" mentality.

webmaster needs communication to make progress,

The properties of

stationmaster industry determines the owners do not have a lot of time with other peers in face-to-face communication, but we can through some Adsense exchange platform such as the laggards, Admin5, Chinaz, 55 forum, here painstaking looking paste, don’t always use "piercing eye" to identify the content you see, a newspaper the exchange of learning attitude to reading, collision with civilized language to view and others. Perhaps we will see some of our own views on the contrary, at this point the value of communication is reflected, and many collisions, perhaps the truth came out.

timely encouragement or inspiration may help to the author

in addition to a small part of the webmaster want to deceive others to reap results, most of the webmaster is to think through their own hard work, through the website and their families have a good point, want to let oneself through their own websites who later became a distinguished predecessors, but the stationmaster group overall more and more younger, so not every webmaster can write the classic beginning of everyone has a long and minute statement, the process of learning, maybe many webmaster can write only is nearly a hundred words reflections, but this hundred words reflections may inspire readers, do not see this article to say is "soft, the identification is completed. And even shouted, perhaps the readers feel that his view is not a >