Excellent web viewing web design trends from movie posters


I love movies and people around me know it. In the past 2011, I enjoyed numerous wonderful movies (how many, at least 200+). Time is Mtime every day to look at the news, previews, reviews, posters, gossip and so on ~ how to choose the movie? A blockbuster is initiated for the two time is the recommended + scoring mechanism, whether the three is to see the movie trailer and posters attracted to me. Recently, there is a special topic (http://s.news.mtime.com/pix/2012/01/30/173714.html). Xiao Bian has extracted several design techniques and trends from thousands of posters. It is the most fashionable choice to look at how to design. The design is interlinked, and the design of "tide" and "no tide", the key lies in the design concept. From this topic and the recent appreciation of excellent web pages, it is found that there are still several trends in web design that will be available in the near future.


;       a retro trend

              in recent years, clothing design and industrial design in almost all go retro, typical such as the rise of legging, shoulder pads suit return Harley glasses sales, home appliances and concise style warmer and so on, also led to other categories of retro design tendency. Here are two posters for the movie "father" and "Aung San Suu Kyi". "Father" poster by 80s hand-painted effect, revealed a childhood comic effect; "Aung San Suu Kyi" poster is reminiscent of the 50s and 60s poster. The following pages are also selected in the recent appreciation, the old-fashioned color collocation, the use of age patterns, the modeling of the sense of steam and so on, all of them show a great deal of retro trends.


two makes sense of

beyond the edge

                a simple plane how to highlight the three-dimensional sense of speed and will need to be made? Part of pattern effect beyond the borders can be realized! Busy life driving and Star Wars Episode One of two posters around the white space to create a photo, slightly overflow edge the pink and the new vehicle is the punchline stereoscopic appear immediately. The following pages also use this design technique, the picture beyond the edge, immediately from the border jumped out of the feeling, increasing the vividness and three-dimensional feeling.