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Hello everyone, I’m heaven’s street! For the first time to share with you website experience, I hope we can bring some inspiration, let us grow together!


a beautiful makeup video web site for more than a year of time, by the love of many female friends. The website traffic is also the past two months of 100IP, until now 3000IP+, with the time for 5 months, although the level of 3000IP in front of many owners simply does not matter, but I the customers are quite quality. Because they can really learn a lot of make-up skills at the top, and the female customers have a good, love is around. So in the website position put on proper diet, beauty, shopping advertising appeal is quite powerful. The female Internet users the consumption ability is strong. Now GG’s income is considerable, how much will not say. Be sure to buy cosmetics and beautiful clothes do not have to worry about:


said the results, I explain the process since the promotion of my website, which is a topic of concern for many owners. Because I am like everyone, from a promotion of the ignorant novice, came all the way. The following is my growth process:

Remember to open the

1 station time is 07 years at the end of December, beginning to do makeup information network, with easy to do, but finally find it, if the content is no advantage, so I finally gave up. Because I also love makeup, makeup often see in the online tutorial, so think of put these tutorials together, do a makeup video station, it is lively and easy to use. This is the first point that I need, selection is of interest, but also need not to follow suit, with the divergent, even if it involves not wide range of websites is now also not afraid. When the market segments of.


2 makeup video station was built, also tried a period of confusion. I do not know how to spread out. Then in the graph king bubble, followed by a few novice webmaster around with the post, even some netizens forum mass software to me, this effect is not obvious, but there is a benefit that can make GG Baidu included as soon as possible. One thing to note is that I did not login to Baidu center log on my website, because I heard someone say, let Baidu included their weight will be relatively high. Even so, Baidu included my station is only 17 days. Can I do stand less so, really can’t say.

3 included after entering a bottleneck stage, every day by GG to 10 IP, but note that keyword search over all is very detailed. For example, " face makeup skills, " " to ", the eyebrow; let me think of a problem. It is based on their own and friends around the situation, summed up the MM who most want to know, to proceed from this point, I chose the most basic makeup > "