Expand webmaster network connections to achieve a substantial breakthrough in traffic

often to webmaster nets learning website building experience, benefit a lot, I want to put some of his own experience to write out to share with you, is suffering from sparse shallow, dare not do. In the encouragement, while some free this weekend, several essays, laughed.

do stand more than two, pure interest in front of nearly half of all is playing the more static HTML pages, do very naive, ASP started learning and planning do now stand a year ago (http://s.zzsky.cn), because he had just come from the beginners, beginners want to understand, so the site location for beginners, at the same time he also collected a lot of beginners need to site resources, the spirit of content is king mentality, coupled with my character (always love, so I work out of contact with anyone) in a bitter, almost isolated, it was a time of suffering oppression ah, hey……

It is half a year after the

has made some progress, the daily IP nearly 1000, and most directly enter the URL, or that content more attractive for beginners, but also exposed a flaw of SEO: I absolutely ignorant of


because my site is mainly multi user things, such as multi user player, so every day from my website and I QQ, I would like to ask, and I exchange users are generally not less than 10, but as said before, the establishment mentality and character I’s sake, I mostly ignored.

sees IP much more than she used to, and has a natural sense of pleasure. But after rejoicing, the problem ensued. For the first half of the year, IP has always fluctuated between 600-800, even though he has spent a lot of time on website updates, even before. What is the reason? Thought but not the why. More than depressed, started some exchanges and some of my QQ from my website users, or that some have been I refuse to add as a friend for many times, or ask me questions many times always as big stone him, is considering to other similar sites. After guilt and rejoicing, I patiently answered their questions.

all of a sudden, I seem to have gotten through the two pulse. Why is the traffic on the site stagnant? Because many users have lost the station. From then on, I have added to the webmaster, I QQ will be, there is a problem, as long as they can solve the problem, be sure to help. Now I have to use 2 QQ, because the number of friends a QQ have reached the limit, and many of the primary station to access more convenient, not only to join my website, and home page on their website on the link (though many are free forum, two level domain name). On the one hand, they are willing to take my site to recommend to other webmaster friends, introduce some of them love the contents of my site on other sites; on the other hand, I often receive a lot of suggestions on the website, let me better know the correct direction of website development, such as many user >