Local webmaster to focus on the development of local forums Bus inquiries navigation

day after day, wood and wood have also increased one year old, nearly 4 years of local station operating experience, made a lot of mistakes, but also learned a lot of things. In fact, as a local station or do several things that after all is said and done, local classified information, the local catering platform, local forums, local news, local bus, local site navigation, local SNS, local mall, local tourism, local talent, local car.

where the local car, mall, talent recruitment, catering these personal webmaster to do, it may not be successful. Because these are small upfront investment, late operating threshold of large projects. What’s more, they have higher requirements for project funds and management level of team leaders. Especially in one place and with this site, it’s harder to do. So wood and wood do not suggest you do this kind of station.

, and now the fiery classification of information, but also the current operation of wood and wood projects, there are also a lot of problems. Is also more money consumption and profit model is relatively vague project, the threshold is lower to death, the late threshold of high scared you. Not having enough money is not appropriate for the project unless you’re just interested in making public platforms. Since these are not for our good or no money to do these, we can go deep into the forum, bus, site navigation potential, first let personal popularity. In return for funds, BOSS attention, investment or external support.

Why let

forum, bus, site navigation become our focus, do this long wood website, understand a simple truth, any local station can be used as a forum to complete, such as classification information, also can only meet the needs of Internet users forum can, and buyers and sellers will be closer, more interactive. Spend 2 or 3 years down the popular forum more or less will be very good, if you are the heart of the business will be more good, of course if you start a business with very strong will cause the atmosphere of the forum is not very good. The forum is up. It’s easy to develop any small projects. The forum is here, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with bus or site navigation. Here’s something.

local bus everyone knows there is a general bus company to do this kind of bus query site, and generally around the bus company website is very lazy, your local bus company website does not believe that Baidu sucks the. The Dongguan bus company where the wood and wood is the super rotten website, let alone www.dg84.com, what transfer, site query function. Bus companies do not do lazy, commercial companies do not make money, do not do, these two points is that we can do a small webmaster reasons. May webmaster to ask why we have to do public service, the reason is very simple, the bus station is not a domain name input, a space, a bus line content is totally fix, the probability of bus lines updated a few times a year to adjust. And this kind of public welfare site is more likely to get media, TV >