Ali mother vice president Jiang Zhiqiang small and medium sized website how to realize profit


Jiang Zhiqiang shared in his speech how to find the brand advertisers experience.

Jiang Zhiqiang: I think there may be some friends will know the advertising industry, some friends who don’t know, so we still talk about the advertising industry with everyone and the value of the ecological chain, basically advertisers advertising if the network industry in terms of words, first it will have their own agents, the agents may include marketing strategies the plan, or to the media agency, directly put into a platform like us, but it must have a good advertising technology, can put the advertisement delivery to the front of the Internet users, advertising for the agents is still very high, about 70% to 80%, in the business of Internet advertising business is not the same situation, the income is from agents.

Jiang Zhiqiang: in addition to it, no matter is the head of the scale, if you have a big point, the company’s qualifications, you want to run network advertisement must have these conditions, the first to have advertising sales qualification system, second advertising, what is their own development or spend money to buy, good advertising system may be spend a lot of money, the other one is the need to have an access to the advertiser’s ad sales team, this is not only to have advertising sales staff, but also planning, operations, research, design and recommend to advertisers and so on functions. In fact, to advertise, this business is very difficult. Education agents and education especially advertisers as a new network media is a process, also need to have a business signed business process, if advertisers once launched, there needs to be a very complete professional assessment, the assessment and reporting system is actually a higher requirement. When you start doing business, advertisers will continue to ask you: "then I can expand my spending for more in-depth and how I do the user interaction".

Jiang Zhiqiang: other words, you also need to understand that when advertisers will consider what? If the first from the form of speaking, we can see from the big screen, advertisers situation basically still in the picture of the ad, we see in the Yellow paid search ads and text ads besides, other brands: Video ads are pictures or advertising, this part still accounted for a larger part, this basically echoed in front of the online advertising market potential phenomenon. In addition, some advertisers will consider the price budget and the user attributes of the media as well as the relevance of the media and products. This media can cover people, areas, areas, and so on. So, in fact, in so many different challenges, Ali, mom, we believe that through the webmaster and Ali mother cooperation, we can help you open another door.

Jiang Zhiqiang: back to the long tail, it’s hard to work in isolation, and I want to be able to reach ad exposure by aggregating