Does it affect the optimization of the title of the website

recently crown network Xiaobian in various forums around the circle, found a lot of people are asking: "change site title if there is an effect on Optimization?", on this topic, the crown network Xiaobian today in the crown marketing network – SEO, SEM optimization development trend of share marketing blogs to express their skills the views, hope to help you master


, just as everyone is asking

changes the title of the web site to optimize the impact of the type, modify the website title of doubt in the major SEO crown network communication platform often put forward. Some people will ask: "to modify the site title will lead to site K?, modify site title will not lead to the search engine not included my website? And then modify the site title of the long-term development of the site later if?" and so on the question, I in some large SEO community search a lot. But there are different opinions about the solution of the problem. Some say it has influence, and some say it has no effect. In order to let this often annoying knowledge, I will list those more representative solutions today.

more representative answer is as follows:

from the A5 forum Tian Maobing: Web site title changes frequently, for search engines, will think this site is unstable, over time is a disgusting cycle, the site will not have a good ranking. And after the title changes, the search engine will think that this is a new station, all the retrieval and collection are re start, and often will be punished by search engines. I suggest after the website is online, do not revise title again, if want to revise, had better wait until the website is stabilized, do a few simple changes.


from search outside the community Wang: for the site title, I said my operating case and experience! I used for a long time the website had the title change, modify the amplitude is relatively large, the site has some good rankings and included. But after modifying the title, the site rankings all out, update articles are not included. But finally insisted not change back, because after the website title is the most consistent with the theme of the website, otherwise it will not change. A month later, experienced a big update Baidu, the site’s main keywords ranking all up, and keep the first three, updated articles also reached seconds.

crown net Xiaobian personally feel:


has changed the title, be sure to maintain high quality updates.

after the title, let the website more exposure.

for site title changes, I think, as long as they think that the revised title is more consistent with the theme of the website, you can make changes.

also has some of these claims:

, new station is best not to modify the title, to the search engine to leave a bad impression.

has the weight website, may modify the title suitably, the basic influence is not big.