Flow Catcher SEO keyword optimization


we know to do a web site, keyword is to win the important means of flow. So new Adsense to the SEO website to have certain users, even in the next operation to win more traffic, do a good job in the SEO keyword optimization must work hard, can have a party. As SEOER know in addition to literal meaning — especially keywords but the media used in making use of the index of vocabulary, the most important is the keyword search web search is one of the main methods of the index, in the hope that users can understand the product or service or company specific names. Well, how to do SEO optimization? I put forward a few suggestions, and colleagues to share and exchange.

one, broaden your horizons, comprehensive screening keywords


face, is a huge vocabulary system and a SEOER should cover and contain everything, to learn by analogy in so many words, broaden their horizons, fully involved. But not all of the key words should be optimized, so that it will become "pass" and "not fine", and the operation of the entire website is very unfavorable. And now the new Adsense in the understanding of many key words, began to study what keywords are useful and effective, what kind of keywords is user demand, what kind of keywords can reflect your site content, and then screening out key words, this is the real meaning of keywords. For example, snack related websites, this keyword is like stars, like keywords casual snacks, imported snacks, nuts and so on, you need to study the selected keywords in your web site development keywords so much, so in the keyword search rankings on the front, let your website to get more flow, improve the success rate of the website.

two, key assault, internal structure optimization,

when your website started to sort out the relative usefulness of the keywords, the next step is to start for keywords of internal site optimization deployment, you can select or create keywords to optimize deployment. And the most critical skill of SEO website optimization is SEO long tail optimization, so you can start from the SEO long tail optimization, focus on attack, optimize the deployment of the page. Here first explain the long tail keywords, the web site non target keywords, but also can bring search flow keywords, called long tail keywords. For example, "snack" keyword extension and expansion, can be expanded to "casual snacks" or extended "melon seeds, snacks" and so on, which is in the snack related website is very see. So when you SEO website optimization to a specific page long tail keywords deployment within 3, around the long end word planning content, content to keep the uniqueness, and timely maintenance of long tail keywords optimization, it can successfully deployed for your site traffic increased by 30%.

three, analyzed the website, the enemy can ever victorious