The secret of enterprise generation operation

has always been suggested that you do not look for the generation of operating companies, only companies themselves to participate in, and put in time, energy and emotion, is the real Internet marketing. If you don’t invest your time, energy and emotion, then internet marketing must not be good. Guard Yuan Kun today and talk about the operation on behalf of that thing.

Internet development is very fast, and some new nouns appear, so that more and more enterprises and individuals keen on network marketing, we must do electricity supplier. However, most enterprises do not have professional network marketing, electricity supplier operators, no budget to establish their own network marketing team, so looking for generation operators became a necessity.


traditional enterprises into the Internet has become a normal, but because they do not have professionals, so blindly believe in behalf of the operating company. While many of the generation of operating companies to customer turnover, the miraculous Internet marketing blowing technology. We know the essence of Internet marketing is constant, the Internet is just a channel. Acting company is like a nanny, the enterprise is like a child’s parents. Although the nanny is professional, but parents have the advantage of empathy.

we know that whenever a babysitter just takes a part-time job with a child and wants to train a child, we need parents and nannies to work together. So for the enterprise, in the process of Internet marketing, must not do shuaishouzhanggui. Guardian Yuan Kun saw many traditional companies do shuaishouzhanggui, on behalf of the operating companies to do well, and then complain about each other on both sides, final part is their own problems. Because enterprises and generations of operators are not combined with each other, naturally there is no best effect.

friends said: "on behalf of the operating company can not help you do well, he can help you do well, as he opened his own company.". Relative to the generation of operating companies, they do network marketing, electricity providers to do business is quite professional. Here, we can not question the nanny profession. However, for most products and services, the generation of operating companies do not quite understand, and really understand their own products and services is the enterprise itself. Parents only really understand their children.

if everyone’s enterprise sees the opportunity of the Internet, if everybody’s enterprise wants to expand their business better through the Internet platform, then we must seriously play Internet marketing. Of course, for most enterprises, there is no professional network marketing personnel, there is no network marketing team budget, please on behalf of the operation has become a normal. We must pay attention at this time, we invite only a nanny.

there are people in any industry who disrupt the market, especially on behalf of the business. This paper on the wrong things, do not.

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