Thinking behind the attack gate of Baidu

early in the morning in January 12, 2010, the webmaster circle is boiling up. No matter which webmaster group, no matter which webmaster BBS, discuss the most exciting thing is "Baidu is black" information. A5 on the home page, full page full page is about About Baidu. So far, the cause of this incident is still a mystery, although many speculations, but different views, Baidu official did not give specific instructions, everyone is waiting.

although many webmaster just know Baidu is black information appeared very happy, because the usual Baidu "arrogance", a lot of personal website unprovoked K, caused great dissatisfaction with the webmaster. But as Baidu was black, for more than 4 hours can not access, the webmaster also worried, after all, there are many web sites is to get traffic through Baidu, Baidu and personal website is closely related, interdependent.

Baidu was black more than 4 hours, and for Baidu, the loss is enormous, not only for customers can not account for, traffic loss is more direct. From 7 in the morning to more than now, the site can not access more than 4 hours, and for Baidu, although the immediate response to solve the problem, but the situation does not seem optimistic. More than 4 hours later, the site still can not be fully restored. As the first station, capital and technology are top, suffered such "hackers" are unable to recover as soon as possible, visible attack intensity, but also show their strong and well prepared.

Baidu early in the morning can not access, but also to ordinary users caused great inconvenience. No wonder some netizens reflect that Baidu can not open, but also think it is broadband problems, quickly consult broadband companies. Baidu has become one of the habits of ordinary Internet users. If you can’t access it for a while, you are not used to it. Although many people can not wait to see Baidu’s "temper", but also can not help but admire the momentum of Baidu’s development. Although late start, but the rapid development, Baidu know, Baidu post bar, Baidu, MP3, etc., have accumulated a large number of users. For ordinary Internet users, Baidu is indeed convenient for the Internet, bringing convenience to the user.

for the majority of grassroots webmaster, Baidu can not open, although the words happy for a while, but in fact, more worried. If the personal website is to obtain traffic and users through Baidu, Baidu can not open, it means that the loss of users, the site affected. If you don’t get traffic through Baidu, you don’t seem to have any impact. But change an angle to think, even Baidu is so strong, known as the first Chinese websites are so easily be attacked, and what the security website? Compared to the personal website of Baidu has absolute advantages in capital, technology and user support, are unable to counter hacking, if personal website suffered such a catastrophe, more unable to cope with.

network security has been a headache for the Internet, remove some irresistible objective reasons, not to say that subjective, man-made attacks can cause paralysis. Since then, the relevant departments in China have been concerned