What else can we do on the mobile site


today and a recent Internet online chat, not long ago is 7 ministries jointly rectifying the Internet, a few days ago and is the major site of CCTV disclosure information, feeling state of Internet supervision this piece may be entered into a new stage. Think about your own corner of the mobile phone Park, if the real regulation, the risk is still relatively large. Mobile content is nothing more than games, e-books, software, themes, pictures, ringtones, and videos. Pictures and video things, it is difficult to control the content, I have not dared to move, and remove these two parts, all involved.

if only from the content of the game, software and theme or can do, the risk is small, a vertical download site, just try not to provide pirate things, there is no problem, but as the user. Mobile phone e-books if we do not have the author of this group to join the content to a collection of others, it will be faced with copyright lawsuit, the bell is similar, make not any record companies came to the door.

thinks these things may still feel a bit far away (personally feeling that bad information may remain national for a long time), but it should still come. Suddenly, I remember in the A5 Trading Forum, a net friend gave me a message, said technology or hard truth, not content can do the service, I think the phone can also take this road. My site although has been engaged in the content, but also imperceptibly developed online e-books and mobile phone theme, can build a platform, self-service platform, mobile phone up to the people of all DIY, their online e-books, themes, and even engage in personalized ringtones recorded games, oh, I think that some ideal, but you can see some.