Website analysis ten ask top about website goal strategy and user

hasn’t updated the blog in the past half a year, either because of busy and two because of laziness. I think it’s a very happy thing to have some things of my own when I’m out of work, and to keep it up. I will continue to update my blog in 2012. Blogging has two benefits for me: 1. Help me think. Every process of writing is also a process of thinking. A lot of things are easy to talk about, but once you have written it down, you will find there are still many problems that you do not want to understand. 2 record my thoughts and thoughts. Whether they are right or wrong. He who makes mistakes makes progress.

talked a lot about the subject of entering this article. Website analysis ten must ask is to analyze a new web site, before we do the work, is to understand the website background information method. It was also a thorough physical examination of the site. These ten issues include the website’s goals, strategies, user and business information. These information scattered in every corner of the site, some may only be a person in charge of the mind has not yet forming assumptions, and we have to do is to find the answers to these questions or speculation, the summary information, it can be said that, if not clearly understand the site for answers to these questions, the entire process of your website the analysis is very difficult to start. Let’s explain these ten questions one by one. If there is an error, please enlighten Bozhuan friends.

one, what are the goals of the web site,



The goal of the

web site is simply the value of the site. Every web site has its own goals. There are no websites without goals. In the previous article, I’ve also explained the goals and goals of the site. Here, in addition to understanding the goals of the web site, we need to know more about the target before starting the site analysis. Each goal is made up of three parts: 1 goals, 2 target indicators, and 3 index values.

Is the

1 site goal reasonable? Is it executable? (target)

Is the goal of the

site reasonable? We don’t seem to have thought about it all the time. If this goal itself is not reasonable, then both in the specific implementation and analysis process, there will be a lot of problems, leading to the final failure. So, when goals appear, we need to think carefully.

a reasonable goal is not always an enforceable goal. This goal can be implemented only when changes in the target are strongly associated with the site. The term "strong association" here refers to a change in the results of a website that can directly result in a change in the target’s results. For example, many companies now display their products on their websites, and then finish their final sale online. In this case, sales are affected by two factors, the online and offline. It is not reasonable to set the goal of the website as final sales. It should be set as a potential guest for the site