Raise public insurance products ndiegogo large test failure compensation

[Abstract] if the item company fails to deliver the product within three months of the date of acceptance, Indiegogo will pay for it.


technology news with Kickstarter and Indiegogo as the representative of the Internet to raise public website, has become an important source of funds, the global Internet and technology innovation but not all financing commitments will become a reality, there are bad acts, fraud by the name of innovation of science and technology.

days ago, Indiegogo launched a new service – to raise public insurance. If Finance Companies’s technology products are delayed or proved to be fraud, the company will compensate investors for their funds.

in the congregation to raise the site, investors and users pay the funds, usually in order to obtain products for the purpose. Indiegogo said that after the insurance system was launched, Indiegogo would be paid if the item company failed to deliver the product within three months of the date of acceptance.

this insurance is optional, users can choose when they invest. Indiegogo is currently in a financing project on the first test, the product is a wearable device for reducing user pressure, individual investors financing amounted to $129, if the purchase of insurance, will pay an additional $15.

if the test is successful, Indiegogo will promote additional insurance services in more financing projects.

is not yet clear whether the Indiegogo has cooperated with insurance companies in this service, or that it is entirely up to them to pay for it.

technology news site Engadget pointed out that all the chips in the insurance service is a very useful function, because the implementation of all the chips technology products, tend to be high risk projects, if the project fails, users don’t have to worry about their own hundreds or even thousands of dollars investment boondoggle.

but at the same time, the congregation raised the site still need to finance the company and product projects audit checks. According to reports, in recent years on websites such as Kickstarter, will see all sorts of strange things and financing projects, the success of the products development is not high, the risk is very big, but still in the capital.

in the public raising areas, Kickstarter is well deserved boss, Indiegogo is followed by competitors.


Indiegogo will be the first to launch financing insurance service? According to the analysis of a U.S. technology media, in the financing of the project audit checks, Indiegogo more loose, more risk, so more need to launch insurance system.

reported that, in order to compete with Kickstarter, Indiegogo policy in the public to raise more flexible. For example >