Webmasters still need to learn more about basics

old article, wrote the "four stages" webmaster, it should be said that I personally do a typical miniature station so several years of course, I think the webmaster editor will add such as slides as the site of the recommended reading the article, I dare not say that my literary talent is good, but at least it should be a review process for many webmaster, let everyone see their past, also can imagine their future.

article I mentioned my personal second stages: the second stage: hard work, making ". Here, there is more than necessary to say, I university is marketing, and I have learned some programming, but always oneself is not engaged in the process of that piece of material, so gave up learning programming. But, what I want to say is, the website now, oneself write the stationmaster of the program already very little, the stationmaster of big part is using CMS, because CMS., so have some of my today’s idea ——–

Many webmaster

I know, a lot of friends love PowerEasy or Dede CMS, yes, I also very love for the two CMS, because they are powerful, but a lot of trouble for the owners on the site. However, we do not want to change the next version of the easy to hang on the Internet, began to add channels, sub column, collecting data. What I want to ask is, why don’t you design a template for your website in accordance with the style of the host,


here may be involved in another topic is the website visitors to experience the problem, try to imagine, if the use of most of the people on the website of the website interface is that a few sets, the website will have what kind of feeling! Think of the benefits first is not responsible for the webmaster website. Casually hang a program is good, so what the website should not so good, especially some advice, the class website, which is particularly prominent, because this site in general this site has a theme, do tutorial, do this, do health information do, do mobile phone, computer hardware, do gender — too much, the theme of the site with a perfect template and perfect CMS, that is the site of excellence website, so webmaster is pursuing end Beautiful stationmaster.

design template, owners need to master the knowledge does not need a lot of ah, PS +DW+ basic CSS, this website will be able to surf the rivers and lakes of the chaos, I had to rely on this, is in the university enterprise website design to do a single, and I don’t know what ASP what, too do a lot of the station, also earn some money. But I think, from the first to make the website now with word, learning web design time is almost a year’s time, is that just when the University, no teacher, no computer, but also a lot of course, only in their spare time to learn the Internet, look at the video tutorial now, most of the owners have their own computer, 1M, 2m broadband hanging every day, every day out of irrigation, YY, also uncomfortable ah.