Small and medium sized Adsense to realize the profit of my view

from last year the small owners in this area for nearly a year, during the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only their own can truly realize. From knowing to buy books to learn web design, website to modify the program, website SEO, and then to try to profit and so on, do not know in the end to see many articles, ask how many counterparts. To sum up, so far, even their initial investment (buy domain name, space, books etc.) didn’t make up, and spend a lot of time and effort, sometimes I really want to give up, but the heart and unwilling to see some friends of the station a month can earn hundreds of thousands, once again time to play, continue to fight.

I think

and I have the same feeling of the webmaster should not in the minority, even a lot, I remember reading an article, said eighty percent of the webmaster is operating at a loss, then we have many people in this area, hundreds of thousands or millions, and every day how many new hands to join the ranks of large in the past, how many webmaster in the vast crowd fell.

there is a saying "a long way to go, I will search" is a bit tragic color, I want to enter the twenty percent (graph king was said, simply following 5000IP on station, then we put 5000IP as a watershed, we do not know over this can make money Kan) ranks of the webmaster, the key to think more and more research and follow the trend blindly abandon.

next, I according to my practice for more than a year, talk about a few points, and talk well, please criticize.

first talk about the profit model:

, click on the ads, it is needless to say, the absolute profit of small owners preferred, such as Google, Ali’s mother, who is good or bad, I only want to use to know (that is, I am currently using the mother, is not to say that Google is not good, just didn’t want to try) and some experience about my mother, my overall station turnover rate is very high, basically no idle down, I think the key point is to reasonable pricing, cost per thousand is not high, if your cost per thousand in 0.2, the turnover rate is absolutely equal high. But on the current situation, dozens or hundreds of IP station prices surprisingly high, often dozens or hundreds of dollars, empathy, you will buy such advertising position,


on how to do the mother’s advertising, improve the turnover rate, in this regard many articles on the forum, you can see more, not behind closed doors, to be more open-minded learning,

two, the combination of station and enterprise, this method, if operated, will bring a lot of considerable income, and recently I was trying to try. For example, you can understand, have seen a webmaster article, introduction is one of his station is how a lot of money for him, standing just a few static pages, simple type, content is to introduce a famous tourist attractions and hotels, he said. Each.