What is the use of writing soft

do not write soft Wen, Baidu can also included

now a lot of people to write soft Wen promotion of their station, for the hope is more than a weight link, I hope Baidu can see, faster included. In fact, we don’t write soft Wen, also can let Baidu see, also can let Baidu included our.

my movie station is like this, when I went to just get started with Links, use Baidu Search Links good, those are Links platform, I will add their link, then every day to several times, can take on their website to find the platform signature, of course need to find a PR or Baidu snapshot NEW link platform, do a little every day, slowly, Baidu will be included.

really do not want to add their Links to Admin5, Chinaz, 286 this place links, Admin5 forum can leave comments, Chinaz can keep 286, then you can stay in the signature, so as to promote Baidu included, can get the chain.

now www.tudou5.ac.cn, my station is also ready to use this method to promote, boring, casually writing, we look at.

is the best in a _ writing software is in order to improve the weight let Baidu frequently updated, and comprehensive in nature, is not to say that the file is to let Baidu write soft! What does not understand the place master novice to group together to discuss the webmaster QQ group number: 28865152

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