Personal experience about the originality of the website

was just writing for ADMIN5 for the first time. It used to be tourists or onlookers. Look for a few months, to tell the truth but also learned a lot of knowledge, for example, experience the site, SEO promotion, website ranking weight gain a lot of knowledge, but personally think that only themselves to experience, to practice in order to realize all the articles in the canon


my web site’s key word is "Kunming website construction", a few months, the site has undergone several revision, included in the situation is not very good, Baidu spider to also do not frequently, more than 10 days to once. Later in the ADMIN5 article to understand that the original is the key, or pseudo original also line, and need to adhere to, at that time, after reading the theory of these articles, no feeling, did not practice ah. Recently, the site in the last revision, decided to update the article every day, so every stick to write original article, these articles have their own writing, some are original change, is pseudo original. After some days of practice, at present, for example, updated daily articles are collected by Baidu, "the day, the company’s products sales of Spirulina Spirulina keyword analysis" this article is written in December 14, is really the original article, the day was Baidu included! "Also update the content of a corporate website really the important?" this article is published, the morning of December 15th, the day was Baidu included. At that time in the Baidu Lichaben collected station, found the day of release paper will be immediately included, the mood is excited! The day Baidu spider come to my site to watch, which proves that the original is included in the key, is the reason the site keyword ranking when accounting for a large weight.

is a real practice ah, here to write this article is the importance that novices really feel the original content of the site, but also thanks to ADMIN5, a bit and let my website in Baidu included in the process of successful encouragement.

this article by the Kunming website construction webmaster original, reproduced please retain the source and the article site links.