Webmaster lecture Baidu statistics Yu Youping talk about how to better optimize the quality of the

Anhui Internet webmaster Club Co sponsored alliance, thousands of old stationmaster lecture hosted by K (53w.net) has been to the sixty-fifth period, the period of invited guest is Baidu webmaster Statistics (tongji.baidu.com) product manager Yu Youping Baidu statistics traffic statistics software Baidu launched a stable, fast, professional, free. This lecture will tell you how to get a better understanding of your website, optimize your website better, and attract more effective traffic to make your website grow faster and better through Baidu statistics.

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lecture record:

Hi, Hello, introduce myself, I am Baidu commercial products division Yu Youping, first of all to thank others to provide this opportunity to thank so many webmaster participation, let me have the honor of today and share Baidu statistics, how to better understand their own website, website optimization.

you should already know from various sources, Baidu statistics from yesterday (5.26) evening, have free registration, users only need to enter the user name, password, email, website and other basic information, you can register a Baidu account to use statistics.

free open registration, has been the desire of many non Baidu alliance users, and now finally achieved, we are also pleased to have the honor to be able to present this product to more webmasters. When it comes to traffic statistics software, we are not unfamiliar, almost all of the station will be to deal with traffic statistics software, because she is a measuring instrument of website, to help you understand your website, promotion, website optimization needs through her test results. Want to simply talk about the flow of statistical software development trend, the earliest flow statistics software is a counter, at the bottom of the site, the record site was checked how many times.

later with the site content more and more, more and more active site promotion, traffic statistics has become a rich content of the application, a need to see every page flow, can view a variety of background traffic, need more detailed understanding with.