Published under the let Baidu a week included experience

PS: as long as your station is not illegal, it does not contain pornographic content. This method can guarantee to include your station, and a collection is high weight. In fact, the site was included, very simple, it is important that you do not do, do not rely on websites, etc., is action. No more talking, cut to the point.

first step: take a careful look at your station and have a clear understanding of the theme of your website.

the second step: according to the content of the website and your theme, write two general articles, to include picture (picture must be stored in your website) and text links (text links must be greater than your keywords as my key word is: "non mainstream" can I get mentioned in the "non mainstream elements" this word and you website hyperlink)

third step: then go to the original and Baidu weight high website and BBS (I usually go to banyan tree, and sprout, reader, TT86). Released, some big forum, {the article content to the target site and your AD theme is roughly in line with, so as to arouse people’s interest, to top posts, to reprint (your insights and skills needed here is very simple)

fourth step: finished, and so included. In this way, there will be a large number of blog and website reproduced, 3 days later you will get a lot of picture outreach and text outreach, Baidu in 5 days of normal recycling records. (help friends do a lot of station, also charge, do some stations, general 2 days included, late is included within 4 days), and to your weight will be very good. } these soft Wen will also be with the passage of time and a lot of reprint, you get more and more outreach, and some web site keywords will follow the soft words to do keyword link, and in two months back row up.

do this, picture + text links, and a very strong description of the article. The truth is, let Baidu spider think your station is a popular stand, then included the weight and give you high.

{this is the case. It’s easy to see if you’re going to do}