More than a year’s experience in the DC industry

in the blink of an eye on the line in IDC has also been a year and a half, and not proficient in, but also some understanding.

came to the company since last year, from a server does not know what to do with the virtual host for the layman, and customers can now talk to. To tell you the truth, I did learn a lot.

my department is the sales department, so every day to face all sorts of different identity and character of the customer, I found that most of the focus of debate is the price, I personally think it is very early, because we put the server hosting the room, not for hosting and managed to get. High speed and stable bandwidth, constant temperature and humidity monitoring, 365× 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply guarantee, 365× 24 hours of care……

, so friends who need hosting servers should ask for advice:

first, computer hardware, the general choice of national telecommunications room to choose self insurance than private room, because the self built room to achieve a level standard, great investment, individual enterprises in order to save costs increase the profit space, in the room construction and facilities not to jerry.

second, the bandwidth of the computer room, usually only the backbone node, the room’s bandwidth is the best, do not rule out some node machine

room set a backup room in the surrounding two class city, room environment such as the backup bandwidth is also quite good, but now there are a lot of room 2 city even room county say they are the backbone, we can keep their eyes open. Can provide you with a message, there are four Bo Internet exclusive operation of Shaanxi Telecom, Weinan Telecom room, that is, Xi’an node machine room, the western data center backup room.

third, room management, room 24 hours to be on duty, this is the basic, another room management must be strict, not what people want to enter into, at least the certificate import, near registration, strict management of ComputerRoom on the user’s server and data safety is guaranteed


fourth, operators of services, this is critical, especially now that IDC is relatively confusing situation, the user in the choice of operators, we must choose to have credibility, good reputation. If just a cheap, hosted in the black heart of the IDC server crashes 3 days there, nobody, at that time have no time to cry.


above is I give some advice to the server hosting friends, we can serve as a reference, may be relatively shallow, a detailed understanding of the needs and I QQ:29607363 we can discuss.