My 26 day experience in building a website

my website has been working for 26 days. In the Internet age, I should say it is a short time. The night before, I was studying the number of websites that Google and Baidu included in my website. See Sitemaps, (the first study of its good Dongdong for beginners can this is inadvertently discovered, Google) made a search in August 29th on my website, and cached web page, the site is sixth days this baby, when eating three chlorine melamine, no urine to be included, not more than 10 pages, Baidu pulled poor was 1, 2. "Oh, my God, what’s this website? It’s just a child’s moving house." Google’s spider must give it back to its boss.

so from then on today, I didn’t have a new page to be collected by Google. It was miserable. I couldn’t bear to read it. It’s a lesson to sum up. The first time, is very silly, very naive. Although no longer connected to me baby, the site was still a virgin. Because as soon as I built the station, it took only one or two nights to put up the server, just plug something, I’m busy with other things. It turned out to be a bad head, as disgusting as the butt of XX’s sister. Therefore, it is necessary to make a deep review, reflection and conclusion.

no matter what, head must be better. If I had studied Google’s Sitemaps in advance, I would have had a few words in mind.

1 registered domain name, built the server, web also pull up, don’t rush to Baidu Google registration. By no means, do not be excited, want to see if it will be included, that would have played a bad head. We need to set up the web server, planning, setting the theme, filling a certain amount of quality content, the best of these are mostly original. You have a daughter, you want to marry her, don’t pull out primary school before graduation, to 15, 6 years old is ripe to take out to see, that not only make people see this beautiful look forward to the future Charm (improperly). (as for Google registration, see my excerpt - p=18, and this is my favorite excerpt. Google entered "Google registration" actually ranked in the second, luck, this is the only successful 26 days – note: This is still check Sitemaps found that, that thing is very useful.

2 theme can not be arbitrarily modified, planning, development steps must be ordered. Urgent ah, must make the theme, planning should also be finalized, how to go in the future, the law must be set down. And I’ve made such a hunger mistake. Just a few days in the station, too excited, the theme is very confusing, unclear, lead to the first impression of the theme of Google and I now have a lot of discrepancies. Maybe it’s because of WordPress, three, five brains