Rookie talk about doing half a year station feeling

When the

in 2008 May, I met the secondary school students, understand each other about each other in what he told me, he made a website, a monthly income of 2000 yuan, also said that people do good station can earn several million per month, the money may be the temptation is too great I asked him, I can do station? He said yes, if you are interested I help you build a.

is the next to the students to help me build a station, what name ah, what space ah, I don’t understand it all, when built, what I can make money when I asked my classmate? He told me after the website through advertising ah what can make money, I look forward to that day. May day flow rate is too low, I will repeat every day to ask N themselves do not understand the problem, he said that Baidu and other sites included your flow on the table, I waited, suddenly one day, I saw your site was collected, but where’s the money I earned he said, advertising ah, almost every day I put all the time on its website.


at the beginning of December my site suddenly flow up, but up to about 200IP, it is several day IP strong ah, my happy, call to report the good news to the students, the students told me his space to expire, my website should not play, I this is how to do it, I just up the traffic, he said you can buy a space, I played for almost a year, I didn’t earn me what to buy ah,

a few days later, the site really can not go up, I hurry this, when the site is not to make money in no hurry, do not go on the website now I also anxious, anxious and in what ah, anyway, he did not earn money do not want to invest, two days before the students called to say he bought a room that my website can, unfortunately my data not the whole website into a new station. I again.

, but in a year of the station, I know a little bit, and this is also a harvest, my QQ460380581, please expert pointing out my new station, let me in the net modest to earn the first bucket of money, even if a few yuan.

, my cow (thinks) stands