The success of personal websites lies in persistence

today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, and the day after tomorrow is happiness. But countless webmaster often pours in "tomorrow"

early stage, the webmaster most difficult to overstep. No people no traffic without clicking, facing the dead site, a lot of people are not the adorable "give up" idea, and this will lead to not a wrong thought in passing, on track from the aborted site.

site early, popularity is not strong, traffic hits less, which is positive, is a very normal phenomenon. No one’s blog will have tens of thousands of IP traffic in the first place, and tens of thousands of hits, unless you’re a celebrity, even a celebrity, will take time.

doesn’t make excuses for giving up

I’ve built a couple of blogs before, and only one life blog has stuck with it. I’m already one year old. Why didn’t other blogs survive? Because my writing level and quality made me lose confidence in their future. Now, I’m going to reopen the blog. The quality of the content is the same as before, but I firmly believe that as long as I keep on writing, there will be bread and milk someday.

down-to-earth, perseverance is victory.

a very earthy sentence, but it is also a very reasonable sentence. As head of the US, no matter how bad the website content quality, how bad, how popular click traffic less, do not give up easily, persist, seriously writing, do not update, see flow, do not look at the click. When the time comes, the bread will be there, the milk will be, and so will the success.


Moonlight blog is a bright example. Moonlight blog opened in the 06 year, and at the same time there are many blogs appear, but can persist to today’s little, but the persistence has been successful, and Moonlight blog is one of them.


want to give up to understanding the truth good language passed down from our ancestors, "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow" and "Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum flower"…